Monday, July 7, 2014

Tutorial Time: How to Make a Mini Doll Beanie,AG Headband and Crop Top Out of One Sock!!!

Hey guys!!! It's Tutorial Time!!
As you can tell I'm going to show you how to make a mini doll beanie, AG headband, and a AG crop top!! So let's get started!!

What you will need:




First let's start with the beanie!!

Step 1: Cut the top part off your sock.

Step 2: Tape the long side of the sock.

Step 3: Flip it inside out.
And you have a beanie!!

Now, we'll do the headband!!

Step 1: Cut a small piece out of the sock.

Now you are done!!

Finally, what you have left is the crop top!!



  1. Yay, a tutorial that includes something for the minis! My three minis will be super excited to try out making this =)


  2. I bet they will!! I have two more mini doll Tutorial Times coming soon!!!



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