Thursday, July 24, 2014

Camp AG For Everyone: Challenge 1: Settling In

Hey guys!!! So AG For Everyone is having a camp! And I am going to participate!! So let's get started with Challenge 1!!!

Settling In: An AG Photostory

Kirsten and Saige stood outside camp waiting for their counselor, Samantha, to come. Then she came.

"Hello" (Samantha)


" Follow me and we will do a quick tour"(Samantha)

"Okay" ( Kirsten,Saige)

"Okay this is the kitchen"(Samantha)

"And this is your room with your roommate Kit" (Samantha)

"Kit!!!" (Kirsten)

"Mom didn't say you were coming" (Saige)

"Well I'm here" (Kit)

"Ok girls I am going to leave you to unpack" (Samantha)


"I called top bunk!" (Saige)

"I guess I have bottom bunk"(Kirsten)

They began unpacking.....



  1. Looks great! Check back on Thursday, to vote for your favorite photo story!

  2. Super cute! I hope the girls continue to have a great time at camp =D



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