Thursday, July 24, 2014

Camp AG For Everyone: Challenge 1: Settling In

Hey guys!!! So AG For Everyone is having a camp! And I am going to participate!! So let's get started with Challenge 1!!!

Settling In: An AG Photostory

Kirsten and Saige stood outside camp waiting for their counselor, Samantha, to come. Then she came.

"Hello" (Samantha)


" Follow me and we will do a quick tour"(Samantha)

"Okay" ( Kirsten,Saige)

"Okay this is the kitchen"(Samantha)

"And this is your room with your roommate Kit" (Samantha)

"Kit!!!" (Kirsten)

"Mom didn't say you were coming" (Saige)

"Well I'm here" (Kit)

"Ok girls I am going to leave you to unpack" (Samantha)


"I called top bunk!" (Saige)

"I guess I have bottom bunk"(Kirsten)

They began unpacking.....


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hey guys!!! Sorry for no posting( later I have a Photoshoot coming). :)


Thursday, July 17, 2014

Victory Award!!!

Hey guys!!! I was awarded the Victory Award from AG For Everyone!!! Thank you sooo much!!!

Here are the questions:

1. What is your favorite doll from AG?

That's really hard but probably Kit.

2. What is your favorite book?

That's super hard!! I love lots of books but probably Nancy Drew books!!

3. How many dolls (AG or not) do you have?

I'm not 100% sure but I think 98.

4. Do you have any GOTY dolls?

Yes, Saige and McKenna.

5. Historical or GOTY?

Historical. :)

6. Do you have any MAGs?

Yes, I have MAG #39 who I named Kirsten.

I nominate Rapunzel from Rapunzels Journal!!

I would like you to answer the question above please.

I also nominate the first commenter!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Beachy Blogger Award!!!

Hey guys!!! I got the Beachy Blogger Award from AGDTime!!
Thank you sooooo much!!!
Anyways here are my questions!

1. Which is the closet beach to you?

I have no clue.

2. Do you have any pets?


3. What do you like better YouTube or Blogging?


4. What's your favorite/regular doll blog?

Wow!!! I like so many blogs that hard.

5. What's your favorite color?


6. Have you ever been on vacation to a Beachy place?


7. Least favorite thing to do?

Going to the Zoo.

8. Favorite thing to do?

Rearrange my dollhouse!!

9. Dream Job?

Interior Designer.

10. YouTube or TV?


I nominate Carrot and Claire, The Dazzling Dollies, Living a Doll's Life,and Rapunzels Journal!!!

Your Questions Are.....

1. Favorite Beach to Visit??

2. Rain or Snow?

3. Fav Doll Face Mold?

4. Favorite Piece of Doll Clothing?

5. Fav Blogs?

6. How much do you like blogging?

7. Minecraft or Sims?

8. Fav Food?

9. Fav Place to Do Doll Photoshoots?

10. AG or Other Doll?


Monday, July 14, 2014


Hey guys!! So today I bought the starry rain boots from OG. They don't fit AG!! :(

So I am gonna have to return them. :(


1 Month!!!

That is right!! Today I have had my blog a month!!!! I thank you guys for reading my blog!!


Saturday, July 12, 2014

OOTD #5 Pajama Day!!

Top-Our Generation
PJ Pants-AG Emily's Pajamas


Thursday, July 10, 2014

1000 Pageviews!!!

Thank you SO much for 1000 Pageviews!!

I haven't even had my blog a month!!!

I want to thank my 5 followers and anyone who reads this!!!


OOTD #4 Beach Time!!!

Bracelet-Saiges Accessories

Necklace-Emily's Holiday Dress

Bathing Suit-Kanani

Shoes-Our Generation


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Doll Hats!!

 Hey guys!! Today I found these cute doll hats at Hobby Lobby on sale!

They come in a pack of six!!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

OOTD #3 Cool Evenings!

Caridigan-Kits Meet Outfit
Tank-Our Generation
Leggings-AG Cozy Sweater Outfit
Boots-Saiges Meet Outfit
Necklace-Saiges Acessories


Monday, July 7, 2014

Tutorial Time: How to Make a Mini Doll Beanie,AG Headband and Crop Top Out of One Sock!!!

Hey guys!!! It's Tutorial Time!!
As you can tell I'm going to show you how to make a mini doll beanie, AG headband, and a AG crop top!! So let's get started!!

What you will need:




First let's start with the beanie!!

Step 1: Cut the top part off your sock.

Step 2: Tape the long side of the sock.

Step 3: Flip it inside out.
And you have a beanie!!

Now, we'll do the headband!!

Step 1: Cut a small piece out of the sock.

Now you are done!!

Finally, what you have left is the crop top!!


OOTD #2 Artsy Thing!!

Sweater,Top,Jeggings-Saiges Sweater Outfit


Headband-Random piece of Fabric


Sunday, July 6, 2014

MagNeoBio Award 2!!!!


Hey guys!!! I got nominated for the MagNeoBio Award Again!!!
Thank you sooooo much AG For Everyone!!! Ok so here are my questions!!!

1. Who is your favorite AG Doll?

That's really hard probably McKenna or Kit.

2. What your favorite type of doll? MAG, GOTY, or Historical?

Probably Historical!!! :)

3. Who is your idol?

I don't really have a Idol unless you count God.

4. What is your favorite color?

Purple or Mint!!

5. What is your favorite book?

Divergent!! :)

I nominate The Abbott Doll Family!!!

Here are your questions!!

1. Oreos or Chips Ahoy?

2. Favorite Doll Hairstyle?

3. What is your second favorite color?

4. Dream Doll?

5. Reading or Writing?


Cute Hairstyle!!!

Using Mint from The Abbott Doll Family's tutorial I did her hairstyle!!!


OOTW #1 Wild Side!!!

Headband-Claire's Bracelet
Skirt-American Girl Molly Meet
Shoes-Our Generation


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tutorial Time: How to Make a Doll Guitar!!!

   Hey guys!!! As you can tell it's Tutorial Time!!!

Ok so this was requested by Rapunzel Rae of Rapunzels Journal!!!

So she requested how to make a doll guitar and here it is!!!

What you will need:

Rubber Bands




Step 1:
Cut two guitar shapes out of the cardboard.

Step 2: Tape them together.

Step 3: Cut a rectangle and circle out of felt.

Step 4: Tape them to the guitar.

Step 5: Cut 3 rubberbands.


Step 6: Tape them to the cardboard!!

And you're done!! Comment suggestions below!!

Tutorial Time: How to Make Doll Oreos!!!

Hey guys!!!! It's Tutorial Time!!! As you can tell by the title today I am going to show you how to make doll Oreos!! Let's get started!!

You will need....

Black and White Felt



Step 1... Lay the black felt in half.

Step 2: Cut a circle out of the black and white felt so you have three circles.

Step 3.. Put tape on the black circles.


Step 4: Put the cookie together!

And you're done!!!

Late 4th of July!!

    Hey guys it's Molly!!! Today I'm doing this post!!! Anyways so this is our late 4th of July Post!! It's late because by the time we got home it was after midnight so yea. Ok so we didn't get a lot of pictures because Mom was riding 4 wheelers and mules(the car thing) almost the whole time! So before we start this post we want to thank our second follower Shelby-Grace from Oh My Dollies!!

Ok so here are the pictures!!!


Friday, July 4, 2014

MagNeoBio Award + Random Updates!!

 As you could probably could tell last night I got the MagNeoBio Award!!!! Two awards in one day!!! But first I want to thank my first follower Rapunzel Rae from Rapunzels Journal!!! Second, I will do my dollhouse tour but, I will have to restart it because I redid my dollhouse while I was taking pictures!!! So that will be coming soon as well as the Our Generation Packed For A Picnic Set review!!! Ok so Pretty Lilly nominated everyone on her blog so yea!!!! So here are the questions!!!

1. What's your favorite Starbucks drink?

 Peppermint Hot Chocolate!!!

2. Would you rather choose ice-cream or frozen yogurt?

Frozen Yogurt.

3. Do you like to shop at Walmart or Target?


4. Tell me your favorite AG outfit.

That's a hard one. Probably Saige's Sweater Outfit. ;)

5. Do you like a Muffin or a Cupcake?

Depends if you have lemon poppyseed, yay muffins!!!

6. Sweet or Salty?


7. What's your favorite App?

Minecraft PE. Yes I am a Geek!! ;)

8. Would you choose for Apple Pie or Banana Cake?

Apple Pie!!

9. What's your favorite doll blog besides yourself?

I like a lot of blogs so.....

10. Are you a fan of  Minions or The Little Green Man?


  Ok so I nominate AGTime Blog, Rapunzels Journal,  The Abbot Family Doll Blog, Dollie Clay Delights, American Girl Doll Crafts and Fun, and agandmini!!!

    My questions for you are...,

1. What country do you want to visit?

2. M & Ms or Hershey's?

3. Fav Doll Pic?

4. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts?

5. Fav Despecible Me character?

6. Star Wars or Doctor Who?

7. Fav Quote?

8. Art or Music/Band?

9. Photostories or Photoshoots?

10. Divergent or Hunger Games?


Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Daisy Chain Award!

    As you can tell from the title I was nominated for a award! The Daisy Chain Award was started by Shelby Grace of Oh My Dollies Blog. If you want to be nominated go tell her. ;]

Ok so here are my questions...

1. What inspired you to create your own doll blog?

What inspired me to make my own doll blog is other bloggers!

2. Do you like customized dolls?


3. Do you prefer MyAGs or Girl Of The Year?

That's a hard one. It just depends on the doll. ;]

4. If you could choose anywhere in the world to have a dolly photo-op, where would you choose?

Probably Asia. ;]

5. Do you design your own doll clothes?


6. What is your favorite doll brand?

Besides AG probably Our Generation or My Doll's Life/Sophias.

7. Do you prefer photo stories or crafts on other doll blogs?


8. What is your favorite American Girl Doll and why?

I love all the dolls but probably Mckenna or Kit.

I nominate Super Inky, Never Grow Up,The Dolls of Sweet Nokia Street,The Pony Tales Sisters,and The Salty Breeze.

Now you guys need to answer the following questions and nominate 5 people. ;]

1.Why did you start doll collecting?

2. Blogs or AGTube?

3. Do you make your own doll clothes?

4. Are your dolls Geeks or Fashionistas?

5. New doll or New Accessories?

6. Favorite doll brand besides AG?

7. Doll Skirts or Doll Shorts?

8. Have you been awarded any other awards?

That's it for this post!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014


   Oh my GOODNESS!! Thank you sooooo much for over 400 views!!;] Don't worry I have another Tutorial Time coming up. ;]