Monday, June 29, 2015

The struggle is real

Hello! I have a quick question for you guys I have money for either a) a new camera or b) a new AG doll and I can't decide! I haven't gotten a new doll for over two years but I really want the camera. Please comment below what you think.


Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Photoshoot with Mini Kendra

Hey guys! Long time no post. It's been a busy week. Anyways first things first what do you think of the new blog design? Second here are some photos of my Our Generation Mini Kendra doll. She's so photogenic. Let's get started!

I hope you enjoyed!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Random Photoshoot

Hello Beautiful People of the Internet. :)
Today's post will be a photoshoot that I have been meaning to post. It's not my favorite photoshoot but it is ok. Be sure to comment below your favorite picture. Enjoy!

 I hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Posting Ideas!

Hello Beautiful People of the Internet. :)
I am so sorry for not posting yesterday.
I was sickish yesterday so that's why I didn't post. I thought I would ask you guys for posting ideas. Any ideas on posts? Also what do you think about me bringing back Tutorial Time and OOTD?
I will be introducing a new series to my blog soon! I hope you guys will like it. I will have more information on it soon.
Sorry for the slightly boring post. Tomorrow I will post a actual post. Comment below ideas!

Have a Fabulous Day!

Friday, June 19, 2015

My thoughts on the New AG Release

Hi guys! Today I thought I would give my opinion on the new AG release. So here it goes!
(Images not mine)

I love these pjs! They are super cute!

I love this bed! My family is big on quilting so I love the quilt!

These are super cute as well!

I love the color of these pjs! They are cute!

I don't really like these.

This bed is super cute! I love the blue!

This bed looks better with the new colors!

I love these pjs! They look really soft!

This set is ok. But it's not my fav.

This is ok again.

I like the little dominos!

I don't like this. It looks really fake.

I don't like this and it doesn't look very accurate.

I love this! It's super cute!

I don't really like this, it looks like something a 5 year old would wear.

I don't really like this set. It's too fake.

I don't like this set. I'm tired of sports stuff.

I'm glad it's not pink.

I love this! We use the crockpot all the time at my house!

I don't like this set. It doesn't really match.

I really like these shoes! They look very warm!

This set is cute! I really like it.

This is ok but I don't buy Halloween costumes for my dolls.

This dog is SOOO cute! I love it!

What are your thoughts on the release?