Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tutorial Time: How to Make a Doll Bubble Mailer!!!!!

Hey guys!!!!! I am starting a new blog series called..... Tutorial Time!!! Yay!!!

So anyways in this series I will do random craft tutorials!!! I hope you enjoy this series!!!

Ok so as you can see in the title this craft is how to make a... Doll Bubble Mailer!!!

I randomly came up with this tutorial when I got my new tripod in the mail!!!

So here is what you will need:

Bubble Mailer
Pencil or Pen

So let's get started!!!

Okay the first thing you do is you cut out the size that you want out of the Bubble Mailer!!

Then you tape one or two sides of the Bubble Mailer.

Then you can put something you can put something in the bubble mailer and tape it shut. But remember this is only optional.

Then you write a fake doll address on it.

And you're done!

That is how you make this super easy Doll Bubble Mailer!!

I hope you guys enjoy!


  1. Comment Below what you want me to do a tutorial on!!!


  2. Could you do a tutorial on making a doll guitar? Thanks :)


  3. Sure!!! I might take a couple of days for me to figure it out though! :D

  4. Great tutorial, if my dolls ever get a package in a photo-story I will use this tutorial.


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